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ABS Board of Directors Elects John McDonald President

(HOUSTON) ABS Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Christopher J. Wiernicki, and the Board of Directors have announced that John McDonald was elected President of ABS at its Board meeting on July 18.  

McDonald, who has served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the company since July 2021, will take on the title of President and remain the Chief Operating Officer of the company.

“John McDonald has seized the opportunity to demonstrate his leadership skills since becoming Chief Operating Officer of ABS in 2021 and will now be given a further opportunity to showcase his strategic insight and leadership capabilities in the marine and offshore industries as he steps into the President’s position,” said Christopher Wiernicki, who will remain Chairman and CEO of ABS.   

McDonald joined ABS in 1996 as a surveyor and has served in various frontline roles in Korea, the Northern Europe and Africa Region and the Central Region for the former Americas Division. He previously held the position of Vice President of Occupational Health and Safety for both ABS Bureau and its affiliate, ABS Group, and led the former ABS Divisions in Europe and in the Pacific. He also has held operational leadership roles including Senior Vice President of the Western Hemisphere Survey Operations and as Senior Vice President of Global Business Development prior to becoming the Chief Operating Officer. McDonald has a bachelor’s degree in marine engineering from Maine Maritime Academy and an MBA from Texas A&M University.

By virtue of his election as President, McDonald will also join the ABS Board of Directors.  

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