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Roto Seal Kits

Seal kits for hydraulic swivels in marine cranes play a vital role in preventing hydraulic fluid leaks, ensuring proper functioning, and protecting the components from external elements. Here are some key applications and functions of seal kits for hydraulic swivels in marine cranes:

Hydraulic Fluid Containment:

The primary function of seal kits is to prevent hydraulic fluid leakage from the hydraulic swivel. These seals create a tight barrier to contain the pressurized hydraulic fluid within the system, ensuring that it reaches the intended components without loss.

Environmental Protection:

Marine environments expose equipment, including hydraulic swivels, to harsh conditions such as saltwater, humidity, and abrasive particles. Seal kits provide protection against the ingress of seawater, preventing corrosion and damage to internal components.

Preventing Contaminant Entry:

Seal kits act as a barrier against the entry of contaminants, such as sand, dirt, and debris, into the hydraulic swivel. This is essential for maintaining the integrity of hydraulic components and preventing wear and damage.

Maintaining Hydraulic System Efficiency:

By preventing leaks and contamination, seal kits contribute to the overall efficiency of the hydraulic system. Efficient hydraulic systems are crucial for the proper operation of marine cranes, ensuring smooth movements and reliable performance.

Extended Component Life:

Properly sealed hydraulic swivels help extend the lifespan of the crane components. Seal kits reduce the risk of corrosion, wear, and damage caused by exposure to marine conditions, ultimately leading to longer service life.

Reducing Downtime and Maintenance Costs:

Seal kits play a role in minimizing downtime and maintenance costs associated with hydraulic system repairs. Regular inspection and replacement of worn or damaged seals as part of a preventive maintenance program can help avoid costly breakdowns.

Facilitating Smooth Rotation:

Hydraulic swivels allow the crane structure to rotate smoothly. Seal kits contribute to the proper functioning of the swivel by maintaining a reliable hydraulic connection during rotation, ensuring that hydraulic functions can be performed seamlessly.


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