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Hydraulic Winches

‘Off shore’ and ‘in shore’ planetary hydraulic winches are used in a variety of installations. They are ideal for ship cranes, unloading equipment, container handling, and in a variety of operations in off shore platforms. Multiple drum sizes available Overrunning clutch Single or two-speed motors available High-performance, high-efficiency planetary winches offering equal speed in both directions. Ideal for hoisting and lowering applications. Hydraulic gear motor Spring-applied, pressure-released, automatic multi-disc brake Over-running clutch enables free rotation in the hoisting direction without affecting the brake. During the lowering operations, the over-running clutch locks causing the disc brakes to rotate between a series of divider discs. Dynamic braking is then achieved by modulation of the winch control valve handle. When the control is returned to neutral position, the brake applies automatically. A counter-balance valve is not required for smooth and positive “Down” control.

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Required Product Information

Linepull ‏ : ‎ Required line pull at bare drum, mid layer and last layer.

Wire Rope ‏ : ‎ Wire rope size(if known). 

Boom Length ‏ : ‎ Length of the boom.

Flow Rate ‏ : ‎ Current flow rate (gpm)

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Current Manufacturer.

Operating Pressure ‏ : ‎ Current operating pressure.

Number of Part-lines : Number of part-lines.

Standard: API-2C, ABS Guide for Lifting Appliances.

Boom Width : Boom Width.

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