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We help marine crane owners find the right parts to replace.

For more than 20 years, we’ve helped crane owners find the right parts to replace on their boats, vessels and docks.

Our extensive network of locations enables crane owners with cranes of all sizes to get the parts they need.

We help crane owners to get the right parts!

For All Crane Owners.

MCP has extensive knowledge in design and fabrication of marine cranes. When you order a part from us, we provide engineered solutions.


You can chose to order just the part or you can order both parts and service to install them. Our certified technicians will perform the job to get your crane up and running.


Renowned Suppliers

Peace of mind by design. All marine parts are sourced from US suppliers most from companies that have best reputation.

Customer support

Help standing by, 24/7. We’re here to solve problems at any point of your trip, from the wee hours of the morning to late at night.

Wiggle room for changes

We can work with with changes and provide the right parts to meet your dynamic needs.


Stories from crane owners, in their own words.

Have a crane?
Contact us to have your crane parts delivered!

Our service technician will visit and evaluate the condition of the crane. We can provide preventive maintenance so that your crane works without downtime.
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